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This Month's Featured Artist:

Tim Dugan & Shannon Hibberd

September 4 - 24, 2014

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Each month 49 West features the work of a different artist. Meet the artist(s) the first Sunday of each month at a wine and cheese reception.

This Month's Featured Artist:

Tim Dugan & Shannon Hibberd

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Abbasso Documente
Photography: Tim Dugan and Shannon Hibberd

Tim and Shannon met in the darkroom of Shepherd College getting their BFA in photography. Though their schools program leaned mainly toward traditional techniques and helping develop personal art styles, an Adobe lab was built and they got their first taste of digital editing. After graduating they found work editing photography, Shannon at National Geographic and Tim at The New Republic and have built upon their own body's of work. Their juxtaposed styles contrast their perspective, direction and slant. Both were lucky to have art as an option to explore early in life and commend their families for being open and eager to support.

Shannon Hibberd http://www.wanderlustphotog.com
Tim Dugan http://www.timdugan.com

09.07.2014 A Hoodoo Few / The Sticky Dogs 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Abbasso Documente Art Reception - Since art and music has always and will always go together the 2 artist exhibiting photography will perform with their bands... Shannon Hibberd with A Hoodoo Few (American Rock and Roll) and Tim Dugan with The Sticky Dogs (Jazz/hiphop).

No Cover Charge
Learn More http://www.subtune.com/mdt/

Abbasso Documente
A photography exhibit by Tim Dugan and Shannon Hibberd

Tim Dugan

Originally out of art school, with a photojournalist style I shot spot news and rock and roll, not knowing that it would soon run it's course. Semi disillusioned due to the need for a papers Kodak moment and drinking off bands bar tabs to get paid I drifted into multimedia editing and webmastering for news organizations ending up at the famous political weekly The New Republic.

While always documenting the people and culture around me I slowly found beauty in the old forgotten towns of the shore. While working on a photo series admittedly more digestible by the masses I continues to work on imagery that mixes illustration techniques with photography producing the final product of etchings and vector art.


Shannon Hibberd

My interest in photography began in my 8th grade careers unit. Most options on the list looked boring, but "Photographer" stood out as an exciting career path. My grandmother bought me a little camera, and by college I chose to study photography at Shepherd College (where I met co-exhibitor, Tim Dugan)

I wasn't an especially focused or talented artist, and wasn't sure how to make a living as a photographer - so I became a photo editor. I found a job working for a stock photo agency in DC, and then lucked into a job at National Geographic. I have spent most of my career at NGS, which has hugely impacted my personal photography.

These images reflect my passion for travel and sailing. I enjoy documenting beauty in the natural world, but I'm also attracted to light, shapes and colors. I like to think my images bring color, beauty and positive vibes to the environment in which they appear.


Opening reception is Sunday, September 7th from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

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